Innkeepers Photo Archive

Delegates register for the National Convention of the Hotel Association of Canada, Halifax,1955
George Armour, Howard Walker, Wilt Crosby, Howard Elliot, Penny Gott
The Annual Meeting of the Innkeepers' Guild in 1960. Left to Right, John Taylor, Howard Elliot, Robert Pitt, George Armour
A meeting with Government officials at the Annual Conference in the mid-1950's. From left to right, Jack Freestone, the Minister of Trade and Industry, Wilfred Dauphinee, and George Kenney
The 1982 Executive. Left to right; Kenzie Jones, Ingo Koch, Eric Butler, Jean -Luc Forand, "Charlie" Holgate, John Bentley
Innkeepers Afloat - on board the M.S. Scotia Prince for a Directors' Meeting en route to Portland, Maine,
October 1982.
Left to right: Mrs. David Allen, Mrs. John Bentley, John Bentley, Jean-Luc Forand and Dave Allen
Project Priorities Tourism Members of the Steering Committee, Chairman Peter Herschorn, Ivor McRae, Gerald McRae, Ernest Edwards, B.C. Dyzon, Freeman Hum, Clause Sauve, Gordon MacDonald, Neil Foster, A. Beresford Thompson 1971
Chris Gowers of Halifax, second from left, was elected President of the Nova Scotia Innkeepers' Guild at its annual meeting this week. Photographed with Mr. Gowers are, left, Jim McKeague, Allan Bruce, and Gordon Price. Dec 5 1975
Howard Elliot, president of White Point Beach Lodge, receives congratulations from Hon, Bruce Cochrane at the opening of their new expansion in 1983
Allan Bruce of Truro was installed as the new President of the Innkeepers' Guild of Nova Scotia, succeeding Chris Gowers. Seen in this photo with Mr. Bruce are Walter Schmidt and Jim Coll.
1959 Conference at Cornwallis Inn
Mrs. Thrasher and Mrs. Elliot are identified in the photo… Can you identify the other two ladies…?




These early signs and billboards were erected throughout the Province of Nova Scotia, indicating to visitors to look for the Innkeepers' Guild crest as a Mark of Quality Accommodations.
These billboards faced tourists as they left the Ferry Terminal in Yarmouth.
Mel Jack from the Brewers Assoc. of Canada with Fred Irwin and Penny Gott (1966)