Formation of the Tourism Industry
Association of Nova Scotia

A particularly important action of the Guild was its support of, and participation in the formation of the long awaited Nova Scotia Hospitality Industry Council (later to be renamed the Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia; TIANS).

Work had begun in earnest to form a "single voice" industry organization by two groups after a meeting with Premier Regan and his Cabinet in August of 1975. The government had requested one body to represent the industry, a concept the Guild had long advocated.

This new organization which was originally advocated and actively supported by the Guild to coordinate the fragmented industry segments would develop concise future goals and have more "political clout" with the government. It would also greatly alter the Guild's pre-eminence in the industry.

The Guild's Precarious Status

Following the formation of TIANS, the membership situation with the Guild was still regarded as critical. The severity of the situation was mirrored in the 1977 Conference theme, "To Be, or Not To Be".

Over the next 20 years, the Guild has been struggling for its own identity. Although actively involved in bringing issues to the floor of TIANS and other bodies, it has been in the shadow of TIANS and the original purposes and function of the Guild has been overlooked by many within the industry.

President Nicholson, in his report of 1979, stated that, "In the last 40 years, the Innkeepers Guild has been innovator and originator, and after ideas are proven, others carry on with it while the Guild explores new frontiers, new ideas… We see our role to continue as industry leader, not necessarily that the Guild will be the body to perform these functions (though it can)- rather the Guild should be the driving force, the instigator of other people".

A slate of suggestions for the Guild's direction in the 1980's included more communication with government agencies, support of research into a rating system for accommodation (a long time goal of the Guild), industry staff training, and a co-op purchasing program.

This effectiveness was further enhanced when a close interaction was sought with TIANS to avoid duplication of its activities.

By March 1979, the guild had decided that its annual meeting would be held in conjunction with TIANS. The Guild's office was also moved from the Roy Building and relocated to the TIANS office on Spring Garden Road.

Since 1979

Over the past 25 years, the Innkeepers' Guild has been quite satisfied existing in the shadow of TIANS as an important partner and voice in the tourism industry. The Guild has been quite successful at having TIANS champion most of the issues that face fixed roof accommodation operators in the Province of Nova Scotia.

In 1999, the Innkeeper's Guild of Nova Scotia asked the same questions that were raised during the presidency of Mr. Christopher Gowers (The Hotel Nova Scotian) in 1976, and it was decided whole-heartedly at that time that the importance of the Guild was as important on it's 60th anniversary as it was back then.

The Important Issues Seem To Bring Us Back Together Again and Again

At the present time, there are some very important issues looming for the fixed-roof accommodation sector of the Province of Nova Scotia, as a whole. In the early 2000s, the redrafting of the Regulations were an active issue. Today, Canada Select and the grading and rating of properties is a very hot item, as are plenty of other issues, including: property assessments, destinations, marketing the product, and the effect of fuel prices.