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We understand several have obtained an ID and Password to participate in this forum. So the next question is really to ask ‘what’s on your mind?” these days be it about business in general or some thing about the Innkeepers Guild organization.

You should note that on our website, we have been adding information to the “current issues” and the “tourism facts” areas.

New Policy in NS on “Quality”

The new policy announced on May 22 comes into effect with 39 days notice on June 30, 2009.

This new policy is to a degree a form of Mandatory Ratings because you have to choose from three so-called Quality Programs, two of which are the CAA and Canada Select ratings system. The third is the TIANS Quality Standards  program option.

Now, if you already belong to CAA or CS , then you do not have to do anything as long as you stay in either of those two rating systems. If you do not belong to CAA or CS, then you MUST join the TIANS system by June 30. ( this doesn’t mean you need to buy a TIANS membership though to belong ).

Many owners are not happy with this new policy and have several good reasons.

What is your opinion ?

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