The Guild Code of Ethics

As a member of The Guild in good standing, I pledge myself to provide a hospitable, pleasant, and safe environment for my guests by:
  1. promoting the purpose of The Guild.
  2. conducting ourselves personally, and collectively at all times such as to bring credit to the service of the tourism industry at large.
  3. maintaining a professional and supportive attitude toward other members of The Guild.
  4. treating all guests equally regardless of race, religion, nationality, creed, or sex.
  5. recognizing and protecting the confidentiality of priviledged information of the guests.
  6. providing a safe and sanitary environment at all times for every guest and employee.
  7. providing every employee at every level all of the knowledge, training, equipment, and motivation required to perform his/her tasks at the highest of standards.
  8. guaranteeing that every employee at every level will have the same opportunity to perform, advance, and be evaluated.
  9. not willingly allowing our property or organization to accept any reservations that would cause our property to be overbooked in anyway which would jeopardize our guests' accommodations.
  10. having a written reservation and cancellation policy that may be sent by e-mail or by regular mail to a guest if requested and/or have it posted electronically on the official website of our accommodation property.