The Original Emblem
of the Innkeepers Guild of Nova Scotia

Pursuant to the Act of Incorporation, the Innkeepers Guild is authorized and empowered to employ as an emblem, a White Shield and superimposed thereon a rearing Black Lion with Red Claws and Tongue, holding a Blue Key in its forepaws with the Ward at the top and extending to the left of the viewer all within a Red Border.

Reproductions of the emblem shall be the property of the Guild and may be leased to members in good standing for such sum as the Board may determine. On termination of membership the emblem or sign shall be surrendered to the Guild. At no time shall ownership of the emblem or any reproduction of the emblem be vested in anyone except the members of the Guild.

Pursuant to the Act of Incorporation any person who displays on or about any building the emblem of this Corporation or any sign indicative of or which might be taken as indicative of membership in this Corporation and unless the building in respect of which such emblem or sign is displayed is a member in good standing of the GUILD and is complying with all regulations under the current law, they shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding $1,000.